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Ford Explorer Class Action Lawsuit

Potential members of the Ford Explorer class actions in California are people that bought, owned or leased 1991-2001 model year Ford Explorers, before August 9, 2000. If you have been seriously injured or have had a loved one killed in a Ford Explorer Rollover or Sport Trac Rollover then visit: Ford Explorer Rollover Injury Lawsuit

According to the official Court website for the California Ford Explorer Cases class action lawsuit, a member of the class is one that lives in California, and bought, owned or leased a 1991-2001 model year Ford Explorer in California. If so, you may be affected by this class action, which is about whether Ford concealed a dangerous design flaw that increases the tendency among these Explorers to roll over, causing consumers to buy or lease Explorers, and to pay more than what they should have.  This is NOT a Ford Explorer Recall for the rollover problems, nor is it a class action for personal injuries or wrongful deaths due to a Ford Explorer rolling over. In fact, the Court has not decided if Ford did anything wrong. If you meet the requirements of being a Ford Explorer Class Action member, then need to decide whether to stay in the Class or exclude yourself, and you need to decide this by March 14, 2006.

Ford Explorer Rollover Injury / Death Case Evaluation

Ford Explorer Rollover LawyerIf you have a question regarding serious personal injuries or the wrongful death of a friend or family member involved in a Ford Explorer Rollover of Ford Explorer Sport Trac Rollover, tire tread separation, tire blowout, roof crush roof pillar collapse, vehicle rollover or other serious accident, then call and talk to us now. Please call our office if we can be of assistance to you or your family. Call for a Free & Confidential Consultation.

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Ford Explorer Rollover Lawyer

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